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Ramen School

in Kansas

We have been committed to providing high-quality ramen education to all of you, being involved in the opening of nearly 30 stores, with most of them managing their ramen restaurants smoothly. 

Currently, we are embarking on a new challenge of setting up a new restaurant, "KC Craft Ramen", which has made it difficult for us to schedule the next session for our Ramen School. As a result, the future location of our Ramen School will be within this new establishment. 

However, we believe that this new challenge also presents a significant opportunity for all of you. In the new restaurant, we plan to provide practical training at the actual store for graduates of our Ramen School.


This will allow our graduates to not only apply the theory they have learned but also gain hands-on experience, which we anticipate will further enhance their skills. 

We are working hard to deliver the details of this new program along with the new schedule as soon as possible, and we sincerely ask for your understanding and cooperation. 

Once preparations for the new restaurant are complete, we will promptly disclose the new schedule and details of the new program. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience in this matter. 

We look forward to your continued support of our Ramen School, soon to be located at KC Craft Ramen.


What is American Ramen School?


American Ramen School is taught by lecturers who have opened successful Ramen shops and will teach you in English, everything from the basics of Ramen to how to make your Ramen shop prosperous after its opening.


We offer 3-day courses where lecturers teach students “everything about Ramen”, 


We will kindly and carefully show you a wide variety of successful selling Ramen styles ranging from classic recipes to the latest ones, using the world’s most advanced technologies and techniques.


Basics of Ramen

You can properly learn know-how and skills to cook Ramen as well as the essence of Ramen from the basics in a short time.

Our one-to-one teaching style enables each student to learn Ramen in accordance with his/her level of understanding.

Various Ramen

business models

Even though Ramen is served by all of them, the business models of Ramen shops are diverse.

We will help you find your own desired Ramen shop, and help you consider the figures and plans of each business model whether it’s an exclusive, inexpensive, large or small Ramen restaurant you want to open.

Cutting-edge knowledgen

You can always learn the latest Ramen information and techniques as our lecturers are also lecturers at a Ramen school in Japan. We are up to date with the latest knowledge and evolving trends in the Ramen industry such as low-temperature cooking or gluten-free recipes.

Details of Lectures
We give you lectures on Ramen shop business models and management, while you conduct practical skills training on how to make Ramen, simultaneously receiving various lectures, so that you can deepen your knowledge about Ramen.
School cotent

 School Content

Day 1



●Tonkotsu broth

●Tori paitan Broth 

●Clear Chicken broth

●Pork Clear broth 

●Vegetable Broth 

​●Tonkotsu Broth made by pressure cooker 

Flavored oil 

●Back fat

●Yuzu oil

●Garlic oil

●Mushroom oil 

●Onion oil etc


●Tonkotsu Ramen

●Hokkaido Miso Ramen

●Spicy Ramen

●Chicken Paitan Ramen

●Chicken Shoyu Ramen

●Chicken Shio Ramen

●Pork & Chicken  Shoyu Ramen

Chashu Meat

●Boiled Pork Belly Chashu

●Boiled Pork Butt Chashu

●Boiled chicken chashu 

Lecture of Ramen

●Ramen business.

●Soup and ingredients.

​●Summary of Today

Day 2


Flavored oil 

●Black garlic oil 

●Original spicy oil

●Mix spicy oil 

Chashu Meat

●Roast Pork Chashu

●Sus vie Chicken Chashu

●Sus vie butt Chashu

●Smoked chashu 


●Tonkotsu Ramen

●Hokkaido Miso Ramen

●Spicy Miso Ramen


●Vegetable Ramen

●Fish base shoyu Ramen

●Spicy Ramen

●Chicken Paitan Ramen

●Chicken Shoyu Ramen

●Chicken Shio Ramen

●Pork Shoyu Ramen

●Tan tan Ramen 


●Bamboo Menma

●Half boiled egg

Lecture of Ramen

●Wheat and noodles 

●What is good Ramen bowl

​●Summary of Today

Day 3

Cooking Gyoza

   ●How to make gyoza, What is good gyoza 

Cooking togo Ramen

   ●Multiple styles of to go ramen 

Cooking appetizer 

   ●crispy fried chicken, Steam bun, Mini chashu bowl 

Lecture of Ramen

●Ramen shop management business models

●Relation among a menu, order placement rate and store operation

​●Summary of Today


Advantages of opening a Ramen shop after graduation from our school

  1. We teach you about the provision of high-quality and original products thanks to your expanded knowledge on Ramen

  2. You’ll learn efficient business planning, strategies and opening techniques based on your learned knowledge of the various types of Ramen shop business plans

  3. We also teach you how to select the right type of equipment and ingredients

  4. We have available support services to help you before, during and after you open your store.

Follow-through services

We accept your questions or inquiries by e-mail or phone for free, even after your graduation.

We can help you review what you have learned at our school at your own restaurant. This service will be provided indefinitely.

We also offer more in-depth post-graduation individual consulting services (additional charges apply).



  • I have no experience cooking Ramen. Can I participate in any course?
    Yes. No problem. You do not have to hesitate to take part in the course even if you have no experience since there are only two persons in the class: you and a lecturer.
  • Can I really learn in a short time?
    You do not have to worry about it as you can learn under the one-to-one guidance, resolving your questions from time-to-time in the class. We also provide free consultation services by phone or e-mail after your graduation.
  • There are many different types of Ramen. What kinds of Ramen do you give guidance about?
    We prepare basic recipes for soup, noodles, flavor, oil and various toppings. Additionally, we’ll help you learn how to make various kinds of Ramen by arranging and combining them in different ways. Our class will also help guide you to create your own Ramen recipe.
  • How long is daily guidance?
    About 7 or 8 hours a day.
  • Can I take photos or videos during the class?
    You are free to take pictures or videos.
  • How can I pay tuition?
    We will send an invoice from QUICKBOOKS when you apply. Once you enter your bank information, you can complete the payment without any fees. After payment, your reservation will be confirmed.

Schedule for opening our school:


The 26th,  Jan 22, 23, 24 are fully booked!


The 17th,  Jan 22, 23, 24 we had 8 students

The 18th Feb 19, 20, 21  we had 8 students

The 19th March 26, 27, 28  we had 9 students

The 20th April 23, 24, 25  we had 8 students

The 21st  May 21, 22, 23     we had 8 students

The 22nd  June 25, 26, 27  we had 8 students

The 23 rd  July 23, 24, 25  we had 7 students

The 24 th Aug 27, 28, 29  we had 9 students

The 25 th Nov 12, 13, 14  we had 9 students

After the Ramen School in August, I am working on a big project myself, so the next school will be after 2023!

 Fastest Training Course:

Period: 3 days       Fee: $2,500 (including ingredient expenses) 

This course is conducted completely on a small class basis. If your business partner or spouse takes the same course as yours, an attractive discount will be available.

If there are additional personnel, The fee per person will be discounted to $1800.
For 2 people: $1800 x 2 
For 3 people: $1800 x 3 

Please pay the fee at least 2 weeks prior to the starting date of the course.

Profile of Representative


Customer Location Map

customer map ver 2.jpg

Kenichi Ota

Lecturer of Japan Ramen School

American Ramen Consultant


Kenichi has established his own Ramen shop in the US as well as contributed to the opening of many successful restaurants.  His consultation has helped Ramen shops increase sales, open new restaurants, create recipes and give owners advice on store concepts, revenue and expansion.


Kenichi travels across the US, aiming to expand Ramen restaurants serving delicious Ramen all over the US.


He personally participates in the operation of the Ramen shops he consults for and helps future owners on starting their business and conducting sales activities and trainings for the stores.  He has earned a good reputation from his clients for his customer-centered attitude.

Details of his services:

Furthermore, Kenichi will individually provide you ideas for Ramen recipes using our special pressure vessels.  We will also help consult you in the type of Ramen shop you want to open. 

Support for store operation or giving advice after reviewing actual store operation.

Support for product development, development of exclusive products or improvement of existing products.

Development of Ramen or development of menus for new stores or renovated stores.

Full support ranging from store development, development of new Ramen business types, store concepts, store design, menu types and ongoing guidance on store operation.


other service



We help people who are looking into Ramen business to set up their Ramen store. We provide our clients the best Ramen kitchen system which it brings you the highest standard traditional Ramen cuisine without hiring a main chef.

We will help you by going to your location and helping you with your store concept,

design installation, taste creation,

pre-opening preparation, and after-opening employee training.




The new way to cook RAMEN.

You can make creamy tonkotsu broth in one hours cooking Pressure cooking completely changes the cooking operation. High pressure can make high-quality soup stock with the high repeated success rate ​ Approved product in the USA 

Gyoza Machine 

If you aim to open a Ramen restaurant in the US or overseas, Here lies the road to the success of your Ramen business! I am a Lecturers at Japan Ramen School are also American Ramen consultants, and will teach you everything you need to know from training, to how to cook Ramen to how to operate your Ramen shop. Training is quick and individualized.


Ramen tools 

We carry Japanese ramen specialty tools that are hard to find in the US.


Fine sized ladles, power tebos, gyoza trays, etc.
We carry only the ramen specialty items you've always wanted!


21515 Hawthorne blvd #200

Torrance , CA , 90503

Tel: 424-306-9258

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